Alma Herrera Pazmiño was born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco. As product of migrant roots and artistic social movements, she is inspired to produce Video and Audio content to highlight unique hyphenated social experiences.

Alma began her cinematic studies at the Universitat De Filologia in Barçelona, ES. during her last semester of undergraduate studies 2013. After graduating with a B.A. in Sociology and Latin American Studies from UC Santa Cruz she vowed to find a way to combine her hunger for social justice with the joy of crafting a world in an editing room. Since then she has continued her studies at City College of San Francisco and the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). Working on a set for shorts Directed by Patricia Ovando such as "Ojos Que No Ven/Eyes That Do Not See" (2015) and "All About Jay" (2016) encouraged her to continue writing and producing. In 2015 she began freelancing as a video maker working with Bay Area Non-Profits and Artist. Though she is pursuing a career in Video Editing, she is fascinated by narrative film production. Her latest accomplishments in the field include Shorts accepted in the City Shorts Festival, Queer Women of Color Film Festival and Cine + Mas San Francisco Film Festival (2017). Alma works as freelancer under her brand name "Hyphen Productions: Bridge Between Worlds" as a Producer, Cinematographer and Editor for private clients and companies including Visual Street Films and PBS.


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